June 5: World Environment Day

The UN General Assembly created World Environment Day to allow local, national and international governments, as well as the general public, to organize events in support of protecting the environment and related responsibilities. The objectives of the day are to gain attention, raise awareness and mobilize resources to meet sustainable development goals.

Objectif Sciences International, an NGO which works closely with the United Nations, participates in the GENEVA FORUM in order to combat air, land and water pollution and to exchange ideas regarding methods to fight global warming and its effects on health. This is a serious problem with 9 out of 10 people being exposed to high levels of air pollution, well-above the safe levels established by the WHO.

If you wish to attend or present a project at the Forum, please register under the “Rights of Nature” or “Inclusive Pedagogy” category by clicking on the following link: GENEVA FORUM Program>

  • Collaboration on the constitution of the Agenda

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Communication of the General Assembly's agenda

    To know the fixed order of topics

  • Preparation of the animation of the Forum

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Meeting Place

    Just meet with Future !

  • Executive Round Table

    To be ready to act now

  • Closing cocktail

    Aperitif only for people who participated to public (...)

  • General Assembly of the NGO "Objectif Sciences (...)

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Opportunities of Ethical Business Projects for Sustainable (...)

    Presentations of educational, technological, (...)

  • Sustainable Travel and Tourism for Peace and Development - (...)

    7th International Annual Conference at the United (...)

  • Philanthropism for Peace and Sustainable Development - (...)

  • Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development - (...)

    9th International Annual Conference at the United (...)

  • Market Place

    The Networking space of the GENEVA FORUM

  • Training to Excellence for Young People

    Programme for the involvement and empowerment of young (...)

  • Project Based Learning for Peace and Development - Annual (...)

    7th Annual International Conference - High Level (...)

  • Smart Cities, Habitats and Architecture

    Des villes intelligentes ou des villes pour demain ?

  • Agriculture and Food

    Should we go on with inequitable overproduction or (...)

  • Transports et Energies

    Vers la fin des énergies fossiles

  • Women Empowerment

    Vers la croissance économique et l’éradication de (...)

  • Business Creation and Development

    Faire des bénéfices, contraire aux enjeux du (...)

  • Research and sciences

    La recherche et les sciences nécessaires pour (...)

  • Philosophie et éthique

    Ne devrions-nous pas toujours chercher le bien de tous (...)

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