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Impact investments, Donations & Philanthropists for Peace and Sustainable Development - Annual International Conference 11th December, 2023, Geneva

8th International Annual Conference - High Level Workshop at Geneva See detailled presentation

Impact investments, Donations & Philanthropists for Peace and Sustainable Development - Annual International Conference 11th December, 2023, Geneva

8th International Annual Conference - High Level Workshop at Geneva See detailled presentation

8th Annual International Conference on Impact investments, Donations & Philanthropists for Peace and Development - 11 December, 2023, Geneva
One week of High Level Meetings, Crossing the Spheres of the Stakeholders
The halfway point between the PORTO-ALLEGRE FORUM and the DAVOS FORUM ; the platform for the creation and development of projects for peace and SDGs.

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8th International Annual Conference on Impact investments, Donations & Philanthropists for Peace and Sustainable Development - 11 December, 2023, Geneva
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International Annual Conference on Impact investment, Donations & Philanthropists for Peace and Sustainable Development
In the frame of the 15th GENEVA FORUM at UN, December 11-15, 2023
Geneva, Switzerland

The program


Investment VS Donation

What is Truly the Best for Development ?

Monday December 11, 2023

from 09:00 to 17:00

Wednesday evening, from 19:00 to 23:00 : Networking Dinner of Philanthropy and Impact Investors Networks

Presentations will be held in english and french. Debates and questions will be organized in english and french.
Philanthropy and responsible investments: How to achieve a better impact

Traditional actors in international aid and cooperation, such as nation states and international organisations, have seen the emergence in recent years of new sources of financing for development aid. Firstly, the democratisation of impact investment (which seeks to make a social and environmental impact whilst generating a return) has encouraged access to a wider circle of investors. Secondly, there has been an evolution towards a so-called "active" philanthropy, which demands a measurable efficiency of the process and / or results.

Impact investment and active philanthropy represent innovative and responsive funding channels that should be promoted. They are characterized both by a specific "intent" from the investor or philanthropist, and by being essentially private i.e. independent of states and major international organizations. These characteristics allow a greater variety of projects to be selected and financed, as well as a greater independence in the types of action undertaken. They are therefore able to benefit a wider range of recipients.

The objective is to ensure that impact investments, philanthropy and donations give those organisations that are active in helping disadvantaged populations the necessary means to accomplish their mission.

However, the real effects on development and amount of support delivered to final beneficiaries are still poorly understood. Certain key issues, such as science education and its benefits for target groups, remain largely unexplored.

These sources of funding are proving innovative in the manner in which they support, and even anticipate current challenges: being more responsive and impact-oriented, they research, try out and adopt new strategies, particularly in social and environmental areas. Possible conflicts of interest will need to be identified and isolated.

The attitude and commitment of philanthropists has also recently evolved. Indeed, the substantial contribution of these philanthropic actors towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals was officially recognized at the Busan Partnership in 2011.

Our Conference aims to provide tangible responses to these issues. Thus, the workshops will:

  • Present the different types of financing and investments and their identities.
  • Present relevant research and validated solutions to increase their performance.
  • Enable the exchange of best practices and the experiences of both philanthropists and investors.

The GENEVA FORUM brings together those involved in impact investment and philanthropy as well as the political, economic, academic, technological and other sectors of society to shape the practices of tomorrow and to include innovative projects in a vision of social and environmental sustainability.

Leading Projects of Scientifical Projects Development and Crowd Sources Sustainable Solutions since 1992, and creating 1st Participatory Scientific Researches Camps in 2004, the NGO Objectif Sciences International have the Special Consultative Status to United Nations. Active in all continents, the NGO organize every year, since 2012, the International Annual Conference on Rights of Nature in United Nations, at which one participate all Governments actives in this domain or interested by these works. From 2016, and every year, OSI organize into the heart of the United Nations hemicycle the International Annual Conference on the CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies, in order to allow all the actors and operators in these domains to exchange, meet and share directly and at the largest international level.
Crowd Sourced Finance

Operators of CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies who exchange already at national and continental levels (Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle-East...) and who desire to exchange together, and share practices and solutions, at the world level, meet together at the Annual International Conference organized in the United Nations.

Crowd Lending / Crowd Supporting / Crowd Investing / Smart Finance / Appropriate Technologies

Several public or associative organizations that are active in the domain of CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies, federated or organized, at the national level. The main national actors, the federations, and the specific operators, organized presently at the international level, and are called to meet annually at the end of the civil year, at the International Annual Conference on the CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies, at United Nations, in Geneva.

This annual space of sharing results and pooling of skills, allow to the actors of the domain to exchange practices, solutions, ideas, needs.

Your Annual Exchanges Resource

In the following of the national and continental meetings that are organized in each country and continent by the local federation, this International Annual Conference at United Nations allow the actors to implement in consultation, or to inform mutually, of progress and actions they lead during the year, or that they have in project.

The participants at this Conference are:

  • Local and regional actors of different countries
  • Thematic Actors by disciplines of finance and of crowdfunding
  • Regional or national federations
  • Thematic Federations, by disciplines of finance and of crowdfunding
  • Large Institutions of Finance, Sustainable Development and Economy
  • Government departments (Economy, Industry, Finance ...) and international associations of Ministries
  • Specialized Journalists (finance, economy, science, environment, education, sustainable development ...)
  • UN agencies (UNDP, UNEP ...)

Subjects that are in the agenda of this year are:

  • Standards and references of exchange on Participatory Finance practices between national and international organizations
  • National and international Charts of Participatory Finance, examples, projects, ongoing discussions of shares
  • Financing Solutions of the actions of Development and New Appropriate Technologies
  • Access of citizen actors to the Development of Projects beyond their simple financial contributions
  • Administrative Status / legislative / recognition / etc of actors of Smart Finance projects
  • The Citizen Participatory Finance, beyond the digital interface
  • Expected Features of web portals of Participatory Finance
  • Services for Participatory Finance provided by FabLabs
  • Dissemination and Exploitation of the results to the uninvolved Big Public
  • Road map for the mutual opening of the data collected

Detailed Program

Exchanges between stakeholders of the meeting will happen in a round table between speakers and debates with the audience of the Assembly.

Organiser : NGO Objectif Sciences International, Geneva

Chairman :

Mr Thomas EGLI
Know more about Thomas EGLI, Founder of Objectif Sciences International, CEO of the GENEVA FORUM

Co-Chairpersons :

Founding Partner
Holistik - wealth planning :

Content 2023

Here the Programme of the 5 days of GENEVA FORUM of December 2023, where are described the sessions dedicated to the Conference on Finance and Science for Peace and Sustainable Development Goals.

Programme of GENEVA FORUM 2023 (Public side)

Official Opening Session - Monday 11 December 10:00, 2023

Session organised by the Geneva Forum

  • Keynotes
  • Remarks on current situation
  • Remarks about concepts of the International Annual Conference

Presentations currently proposed for 2023

Presentations done in 2022

Validated Presentations

Interactive workshop: A new model of economic development, articulating Blended Finance, Engaged Philanthropy and Field Project Development Monitoring. With the Foundation in creation Geneva for Future

Simultaneous translation EN<->FR.

The Foundation’s team, specialized in the transformation of the change bringing projects into an economic viability, combines Values and Trust for Impact investments.

Our multi-disciplinary team is involved in the development of companies and NGOs. In this context, it has observed a mismatch between interesting projects worthy of sponsorship funding and the requirements of public and private funding bodies. This is particularly true in terms of the presentation of projects, in order to apply for funding and - at the end of the reporting exercise - to meet their standards.

This mismatch leads to a lack of productive interaction between projects and funding agencies. If they were brought together, the available funds, which are not being met, and the serious projects, which are not being funded, would have a much greater potential for societal impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We propose to make available user-friendly and efficient instruments within a Foundation called Fondation de Genève pour le Futur, which could at the same time provide the necessary services, consulting, training and coaching to the actors concerned in order to make all these interactions fluid.

The workshop will consist in crossing the needs and methods of the different professional corporations attending (investors, financiers, bankers, philanthropists, project followers, evaluators, project owners) in order to consolidate the choices proposed by the Geneva for Future Foundation.

Mr Thomas EGLI and Mrs Christa MUTH, co-founders, Geneva Foundation for the Future, Switzerland


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What kind of actor can participate in the conference ?

The GENEVA FORUM is an annual meeting of the community concerned with philanthropy. The different national, regional and international actors from different countries and from the different disciplines associated with this theme will be here to share their practices, experiences and knowledges.
To meet this multitude of stakeholders, such as :

  • associations,
  • government departments,
  • national and international organizations,
  • journalists,

  • will allow you to strengthen your current and future projects.
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