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United Nations, December 2015 - Advanced Intermediate Technology as the most adequate solutions to Sustainable Development

High Level Workshop See detailled presentation

United Nations, December 2015 - Advanced Intermediate Technology as the most adequate solutions to Sustainable Development

High Level Workshop See detailled presentation

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All over the world, an increasing number of government agencies, civil groups or NGOs look for concrete answers to pertinent issues they have to resolve.

Here is the page of Minutes of a former Conference. To see the Program of this year, please look on this Program of Conference

Wednesday 16th December 2015
2p.m – 5.30p.m.

Presentations will be held in English and French. Debates and questions will be organized in English and French. Kindly use the form at the bottom of the page to register.

Special Guest

This session is organized in partnership with CauseDirect CrowdFunding Platform.

Detailled Programme

Roundtable discussions will be organized between specialists present in the Assembly and speakers at the conference.

Organizer : NGO Objectif Sciences International, Geneva
Coordinator : Thomas EGLI, President, Objectif Sciences International

2p.m. – Registration


2.30p.m. - Introduction

2.30 – 3.p.m
Welcome Speech
Briefing of Workshop themes
Thomas EGLI, President, Objectif Sciences International

2.45p.m – 1st Session : Special focus on Advanced Intermediate Technology

2.45p.m – 15’
New Generation Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs)
Non Invasive, reproductive and protective, these new Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) help industrial and artisanal fishers while increasing sea animal and plant population. Is it possible for a new virtuous circle to regenerate submarine life ?

Mrs Pishum MIGRAINE, MSc. Ecology, BSc. Biology, Masters & Degree in Political Sciences Paris, Former member of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) & the Indian Ocean - South-East Asian (IOSEA) Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding for the UN Programme in Thailand and Germany, Scientific Educator with the NGO Objectif Sciences International

3p.m - 15’
Questions and Discussions with the Assembly

3.15p.m – 2nd Session : Focus on the Presentation of a Project Management Tool

3.15p.m - 15’
The CauseDirect System : A Fundraising platform doubled with a grant matching, mentoring, and volunteering system; Progress briefing
Causedirect is a global Internet fundraising platform designed to help people achieve self-realization and meaning at work via a ready-to-use grant matching tool. We connect social impact projects with global corporations, empowering their employees to go beyond giving and to become active social change-makers. During this presentation, CauseDirect will :

  • Give a detailled presentation on how to discover what gives meaning to work and workers’ engagement, while encouraging greater impact on employees and the company as a whole,
  • Brief us on the recent developments in the course of the project [1],
  • Launch discussions on the use and extension of the CauseDirect platform by attending partners.

Mr. Patrick VIELJEUX & Carmen ROMERO, Associates, CauseDirect

3.15p.m - 15’
Questions and Discussions with the Assembly

3.30 – 3rd Session : Workshop on Solution Development for Advanced Intermediate Technology

2 project pesentations, followed by a Solution-Sharing Workshop.

3.30p.m - 10’
Crude Oil Pollution and Solutions for the Niger Delta Ecosystem
A case-study on the prevalent situation and needs of the Niger Delta people, in line with the exploitation of crude oil in Nigeria. An insight into the needs of the Nigerian population and the country as a whole.
Ms Gloria EGBUSIE, Nigeria

3.40p.m - 10’
Technical solutions for Emergency Situations
An example of Advanced Intermediate Technology for Water Treatment and Humanitarian Emergency situations.
Mr. Julien LECHENAULT, France

3.50p.m - 40’
Collaborative Workshop – With the support of CauseDirect and participating professionals
This workshops illustrates different forms of support, steps, tools and actions that include the 2 projects given as examples. How they can be of benefit while increasing productivity in supporting Sustainable Development Resolutions.
The objective of this session is to facilitate the preparation of a collective working document, co-written by all, that will help participants pursue their collective work if they wish once the workshop is over.
Coordinated by Mr. Thomas EGLI, Objectif Sciences International

4.30p.m - 60’
Professionnals present at the Assembly are invited to exchange business cards and work together on possible partnerships and how these can be put in place.

End of Session

Registration Form and Issues

Registration Form



Where ancestral practices have been abandoned and set aside following a natural shift towards economic progress, and with the arrival of the principle of private property during the Neolithic Age, High Technology (High Tech) has turned out to be fashionable, trendy, but very quickly, and above all, destructive or inappropriate, or ill-fitted with regard to the problem at hand.

Between these two extremes, emerge “Advanced Intermediate Technology”, also called Appropriate Technology, which is a middle line between local practices, whose performances are a handicap to « development », and High Tech whose financial costs, in terms of necessary training, is also a handicap, without ignoring their shortcomings in the long run.

Beyond the terminology «Intermediate Technology », the NGO Objectif Sciences International , also communicates on « Advanced Intermediate Technology », which can prove to be by far, the most pertinent, and from all points of view….the most appropriate form of technology.

This workshop brings together official and important speakers who would like to exchange technically on the advantages of Advanced Intermediate Technology. Different types of promotional operations, experiments and practices can also be proposed during the course of this workshop.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identifying different types of Advanced Intermediate Technology
  • Modelling successful practices that can be identified
  • Spreading this disciplinary field and successful practices across a network of field actors, NGOs, companies and Public Departments for Innovation
  • Immediate launching of experiments. The NGO Objectif Sciences International and all its member-organisations will put in place without delay actions on Participatory Research for scientific experiments or results of identified successful practices, in order to promote technology models and showrooms.


[1Registration of four high-profile international companies that represent over 500,000 workers all over the world. A partnership project finalized with a company specialized in Digital Payment that transform donations in making them more efficient. Also, a partnership project with a renowned international bank (name given during presentation). Finally, collaboration between CauseDirect and an international organization which is under way with the perspective of giving a joint presentation on Philanthropy in Geneva next year (2016). Briefing exclusively given during this conference.

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