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United Nations - 2021 December 14 - Smart Finance & Cryptocurrencies for Peace and Sustainable Development - Annual International Conference

6th International Annual Conference - High Level Workshop at United Nations See detailled presentation

United Nations - 2021 December 14 - Smart Finance & Cryptocurrencies for Peace and Sustainable Development - Annual International Conference

6th International Annual Conference - High Level Workshop at United Nations See detailled presentation

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6th International Annual Conference on Smart Finance & Cryptocurrencies for Peace and Sustainable Development - 14 December, 2021, United Nations
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International Annual Conference on Smart Finance & Cryptocurrencies for Peace and Sustainable Development
In the frame of the 13th GENEVA FORUM at UN, December 13-17, 2021
United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland


Cryptocurencies and Main Financial Regulations

What is Truly the Best for Development ?

Tuesday December 14, 2021

from 09:00 to 17:00

Wednesday evening, from 19:00 to 23:00 : Networking Dinner of Finance for Peace and Development Networks

Presentations will be held in english and french. Debates and questions will be organized in english and french.
Crypto-Currencies: A Plethora of Possibilities

Since their creation, the evolution as well as the use of crypto-currencies has quickly begun to mirror the behaviours and characteristics of those of a traditional financial and economic system (stocks, bonds, centralized Euro/Dollar currencies, etc.) in such ways as the concentration of wealth, economic inequality and a lack of clear oversight.
In response to these changes, numerous studies and trials have been carried out on a range of crypto-currencies, aiming to create, develop and promote best practices and encourage a positive impact on both social and societal levels. Some solutions could be, for example, the establishment of regulations, the implementation of certain configurations within Blockchain technologies and even the definition of roles specific individuals should play.

The real challenge lies in the large-scale implementation of solutions tested in the ecosystems of crypto-currencies and Blockchain technologies. Indeed, integrated and embedded into the conventional economy and applied to the currency and other economic valuations, these solutions, or their equivalents could offer a return on “real” society’s investment, and could give a major impetus towards toward behaviour which would result in positive social actions benefiting the entire population.

This workshop consists of :

  • Establishing the goals and purpose of this projects,
  • Analysing the solutions that have been tested and/or developed by reviewing their success rates in terms of crypto-currencies,
  • Establish working groups or exchanges to study the possible routes to replicate the solutions tested on crypto-currencies within conventional economics and wider society.

This workshop will provide useful and prospective insights that will assist in the creation of system that inspires principled undertakings and positive social actions. As a new bubble or a collapse of economies is neither desirable nor sustainable for any society, every stakeholder has a major interest in contributing to and participating in this work, the benefits of which ultimately be shared by all.

Leading Projects of Scientifical Projects Development and Crowd Sources Sustainable Solutions since 1992, and creating 1st Participatory Scientific Researches Camps in 2004, the NGO Objectif Sciences International have the Special Consultative Status to United Nations. Active in all continents, the NGO organize every year, since 2012, the International Annual Conference on Rights of Nature in United Nations, at which one participate all Governments actives in this domain or interested by these works. From 2016, and every year, OSI organize into the heart of the United Nations hemicycle the International Annual Conference on the CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies, in order to allow all the actors and operators in these domains to exchange, meet and share directly and at the largest international level.

Financial Regulations, Market Behaviours, Wealth Concentration/Distribution

Several public or associative organizations that are active in the domain of Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies, federated or organized, at the national level. The main national actors, the federations, and the specific operators, organized presently at the international level, and are called to meet annually at the end of the civil year, at the International Annual Conference on the CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Appropriate Technologies, at United Nations, in Geneva.

This annual space of sharing results and pooling of skills, allow to the actors of the domain to exchange practices, solutions, ideas, needs.

Your Annual Exchanges Resource

In the following of the national and continental meetings that are organized in each country and continent by the local federation, this International Annual Conference at United Nations allow the actors to implement in consultation, or to inform mutually, of progress and actions they lead during the year, or that they have in project.

The participants at this Conference are:

  • Local and regional actors of different countries
  • Economists
  • Researchers in cryptcurrencies, artificial intelligence, science, computer science, finance and sociology
  • Cryptographers, cryptologists, cryptanalysts...
  • Regional or national federations
  • Thematic Federations, by disciplines of finance and of crowdfunding
  • Large Institutions of Finance, Sustainable Development and Economy
  • Government departments (Economy, Industry, Finance ...) and international associations of Ministries
  • Specialized Journalists (finance, economy, science, environment, education, sustainable development ...)
  • UN agencies (UNDP, UNEP ...)

Subjects that are in the agenda of this year are:

  • Standards and references of exchange on crypto-currencies practices between national and international organizations
  • National and international Charts of crypto-currencies, examples, projects, ongoing discussions of shares
  • Financing Solutions of the actions of Development and New Appropriate Technologies (lowtech, tech for good...)
  • Access of citizen actors to the Development of Projects beyond their simple financial contributions
  • Administrative Status / legislative / recognition / etc of actors of Smart Finance projects
  • The Citizen Participatory Finance, beyond the digital interface
  • Expected Features of web portals of Participatory Finance
  • Services for Participatory Finance provided by FabLabs
  • Dissemination and Exploitation of the results to the uninvolved Big Public
  • Road map for the mutual opening of the data collected

Detailed Program

Exchanges between stakeholders of the meeting will happen in a round table between speakers and debates with the audience of the Assembly.

Organiser : Geneva Forum, NGO Objectif Sciences International, Geneva

Chairman :

Mr Thomas EGLI
GENEVA FORUM at United Nations :
Know more about Thomas EGLI, Founder of Objectif Sciences International, CEO of the GENEVA FORUM

Co-Chairpersons :

Founding Partner
Holistik - wealth planning :

Content 2021

Here the Programme of the 5 days of GENEVA FORUM of December 2021, where are described the days dedicated to the Conference on Finance and Science for Peace and Sustainable Development Goals.

Programme of GENEVA FORUM 2023 (Public side)

Official Opening Session - Tuesday 14 December 10:00, 2021

Session organised by the Geneva Forum

  • Keynotes
  • Remarks on current situation
  • Remarks about concepts of the International Annual Conference
Speakers confirmed their presence:
  • FQX, e-promissory notes, Winner of Swiss Fintech Award 2021
  • GainForest™, a decentralized green fund linking machine learning with real-world climate action to fight deforestation
  • Global Citizen and Youth Empowerment (IAAI GloCha) : DigitalArt4Climate
  • Iranian University, Dubai branch: Cryptocurrencies for peace and development, what will need to be done
  • SwissBorg
  • AgAu AG

Presentations currently proposed for 2021

Validated Presentations

Announcement: Geneva Foundation for Future, Values and Trust for Impact investing ORAL PRESENTATION

Our multi-disciplinary team is involved in the development of companies and NGOs. In this context, it has observed a mismatch between interesting projects worthy of sponsorship funding and the requirements of public and private funding bodies. This is particularly true in terms of the presentation of projects, in order to apply for funding and - at the end of the reporting exercise - to meet their standards.

This mismatch leads to a lack of productive interaction between projects and funding agencies. If they were brought together, the available funds, which are not being met, and the serious projects, which are not being funded, would have a much greater potential for societal impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We propose to make available user-friendly and efficient instruments within a Foundation called Fondation de Genève pour le Futur, which could at the same time provide the necessary services, consulting, training and coaching to the actors concerned in order to make all these interactions fluid.
Mrs Christa MUTH, co-founder, Geneva Foundation for the Future, Switzerland

How electronic negotiable instruments (promissory notes / bills of exchange) can enable sustainable organic economic growth - strategies, tactics and a roadmap for governments and central banks. ORAL PRESENTATION

FQX is radically facilitating trade finance & money markets by using eNotes, a disruptive short-term financing & payment instrument. In essence, an eNote is an unconditional promise to pay a specific sum to another party at a specific future date. The eNote is based on Blockchain technology and can be flexibly sold and transferred to any third party (i.e. an investor). When compared to other financing options, eNotes as negotiable instruments outperform through their financial steering capabilities and global transferability. eNotes are based on the globally proven, formerly paper-based “promissory notes”. The enforcement regime applicable to eNotes is recognized in over 165 countries. FQX is the first market-ready solution for eNotes built on a banking-grade Blockchain (Swiss Trust Chain) with a unique, patent-pending authentication mechanism (based on regulated and qualified electronic signatures provided by Swisscom). The eNote infrastructure can be integrated into financing platforms of banks and Fintechs, allowing their customers to benefit from the entire eNote lifecycle from issuance to settlement.

Mrs Benedikt SCHUPPLI and Mr Frank WENDT, Executive Chairman, FQX AG, e-promissory notes, Winner of Swiss Fintech Award 2021

GainForest: A sustainable smart contract to restore our natural world ORAL PRESENTATION

Protecting and restoring our natural world is a resource-intensive task and conservation projects around the world depend on sustainable funding. Unfortunately, traditional donations require mutual trust between all parties. Donors must trust that communities are using their received donations for the agreed purposes. Communities on the other hand have to incentivize donors to donate to them. This usually happens through time-intensive and costly actions such as public marketing, scientific studies, expensive data collection, or third-party certification to verify impact. In addition, a middleman (such as a bank) usually sits in between the transaction of donors and communities, introducing significant legal (e.g. blocking transfers) and economic friction (e.g. large fees).
GainForest is an open platform that empowers sustainable conservation efforts by unifying 1) accessible and automated monitoring, 2) auditable and decentralized payments and 3) stakeholder engagement and user-focused token incentives into one system. GainForest leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to develop a cryptocurrency that rewards you for sustainable nature stewardship. We believe that GainForest enables payments from private citizens to local communities in need at a much faster, easier, and safer rate than existing approaches with less legal work, resulting in urgently needed and accelerated climate action.

Mr. David DAO and Mr. Simge SANDAL, Co-Founder and CEO/ Co-Founder COO, GainForest, ETH Zürich,

Youth Focused Action for Climate Empowerment Innovation - United Citizens Organization & DigitalArt4Climate ORAL PRESENTATION

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow/UK, the Global Challenges Action Empowerment consortium GloCha announced the formation of the United Citizens Organization for Action for Climate Empowerment, a blockchain technology based quasi-international organization for all-of society engagement in climate action and citizen centric resource mobilization innovation for action for climate empowerment ( The UCO is going to facilitate youth focused non-state actors’ climate action coordination and incentivization with a focus on resource mobilization innovation (DigitalArt4Climate, Carbon footprint compensation cryptostamps, Climate philanthropy innovation, digital bonds for climate neutral cities/disaster resilient cities), gamification and digital communities building. In the context of the Geneva Forum Smart Finance and cryptoassets programme, UCO proponents will present elements of its draft Whitepaper and explore with the audience how such blockchain based and citizen centric climate governance and finance innovation can create synergies with the international community and blockchain community in Geneva/Switzerland.

Mr Miroslav POLZER, founder and CEO, Irina KARAGYAUR, IAAI GloCha,

The impact of cryptocurrencies on sustainable development and world peace ORAL PRESENTATION

Peace has always been a long-standing dream of every human being and an international goal and ideal for every community from the beginning of time.
But what is peace and what are its dimensions? Peace is mostly an internal concept rather than an external concept and it originates from within. Internal peace leads to external peace and ultimately world peace. Peace is a complex and multidimensional topic which consists of numerous and interconnected components, the realization of which will be achieved with realization of its components and concepts, and thus the concept of lasting peace is formed in the context of time. This means that it is considering all concepts constituent of peace that will guarantee its stability; otherwise it would be a temporary peace and the calm before the storm, which in a short time will lead to tension and then another violence.

Over time, peace has evolved from the absence of war to the existence of peaceful relations, and positive peace depends on the development of relations and strengthening of international cooperation in all areas referred to in the second paragraph of Article 1 – Charter of the United Nations. It is perfectly clear that the most important kind of cooperation is Economic Cooperation, and there’s a reason that some believe when goods do not cross the borders, soldiers will.
Productivity in the development of economic relations requires financial exchanges, and the use of cryptocurrencies can undoubtedly remove many of the current barriers to trades and play an effective role as a facilitator of trade in the international scene.

Today, in the international scene, technology plays a key role in all fields, and the economy has not been devoid of these technological changes. Blockchain and crypto mining technology is also an emerging phenomenon that needs to be regulated more legally by the United Nations.

These cryptocurrencies, as facilitators of trade in the international scene, can also become white trade’s Achilles’ heel and be at the service of black trade in the international economy. In this study, by referring to the United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in Concluding International Contracts, it is suggested to use electronic (smart) contracts in the context of blockchain to record trade transactions based on cryptocurrencies. This, while monitoring the flow of money in the national scene, will also induce countries to implement it in their trades via international convention.

Mr Ghasemali SABOURI and Atefeh AMININIYA, Islamic Azad university-Dubai branch, Ialamic Azad university, Islamic Republic of Iran

Sustainable crypto: the real yield farming ORAL PRESENTATION

In 2021 the crypto industry has surpassed 100M users and DeFi has grown from a few million $ of total Locked Value to over 100B$.

Crypto is shaking the world but what is the impact? How can you merge the beauty of the tech while protecting the world?

Mr Cyrus FAZEL, Founder and CEO, SwissBorg

Digital Financial Inclusion For All ORAL PRESENTATION

No fiat currency has been able to last 3 generations without going out of existence or depreciating at least 90% against gold. Having good quality money is a necessary condition for sustainable economic development.

With digital financial inclusion, AgAu is determined to build economic resiliency. Many populations and governments lack sufficient financial literacy and fiscal discipline to provide a prosperous and sustainable economic environment.

AgAu aims to leapfrog the traditional financial system by providing the bedrock of a prosperous economy with a sound money system backed by gold and silver. AgAu allows anybody with a mobile phone and internet connection to engage in an inclusive financial ecosystem and revive the free enterprise system.

Mrs Takhmina NASIMOVA and M. Thierry ARYS RUIZ, AgAu AG, Switzerland,

Presentations done in 2020

Validated Presentations

Decentralized Finance: The future of finance ORAL PRESENTATION

Decentralized finance (DeFi) combines several technologies that enable the ownership and trading of financial assets without the need for a central authority - a development that has the potential to fundamentally change the current financial system and many more areas in business and government. Following the introduction of the main building blocks of DeFi such as blockchain and smart contracts, we will explore the benefits and risks of decentralized finance for societies.

Prof. Aleksander BERENTSEN, University of Basel, Switzerland,

The role of Self-Sovereign Identity and virtual currencies for economic inclusion and sustainable development ORAL PRESENTATION

Legal Identity for all (SGD 16.9) is a pre-requisite for effectively implementing smart finance and the use of virtual currencies. But, if we are to achieve smart finance and the legal use of virtual currencies, then, we would need to address a huge challenge: infrastructure availability.

Mrs Christiana ARISTIDOU, Christiana Aristidou LLC, Cyprus

Intellectual Property & Asset Tokenisation ORAL PRESENTATION

Florian DUCOMMUN will explain the notion of “asset tokenization”, expose the differences between native and asset tokens and between primary / secondary markets. He will then highlight the potential of disruption of asset tokenization / distributed ledger technology on capital markets and financial market infrastructures. Finally, he will explain the strategy for the future of the Swiss financial center and the new DLT infrastructure license adopted by the Swiss legislator.

Mr Florian DUCOMMUN, HDC, Suisse

Archiving “Health For All” in the era of digital financing ORAL PRESENTATION

The Decentralized Health (dHealth) Network is the proposition of a distributed and community-owned network for healthcare-related transactions that powers a global data-driven healthcare ecosystem. It is adapted to patients’ and industry needs and targets healthcare-related transactions without the noise from other industries. The Centiva app has developed a solution poised to transform health financing: the value of health information can be tokenized and converted into the future health currency. Through blockchain-technology people control access to their health data and get a fair reward for its use. Centiva’s goal is that everybody can afford health services by making their data shareable.

Mrs Quy VO-REINHARD, HIT Foundation and Centiva Health, Switzerland

Finethics: an immersive serious game to build your ethics in finance ORAL PRESENTATION

Finethics is an immersive serious game created by Grenoble Ecole de Management in 2018 to take up the following pedagogical challenge: "How to make strong ethical dilemmas emerge and confront finance students with them in order to enable them to survive, to explain them, to analyze them in order to enable students to better act on the next dilemmas they encounter".

The communication focuses on the way in which the assets of the game as well as the total immersion of the learner support this issue. The aim is to highlight the relevant game levers to meet this need and also to demonstrate the added value of immersion (Virtual Reality) to meet this challenge.

This serious game has been designed to also support companies and businesses in the field of finance to start questioning ethics and finance.

Mrs Isabelle PATROIX, Arnaud RAFFIN et David COURTY, Grenoble Ecole Management, France,

Building Vibrant, Inclusive, Green and Prosperous Neighbourhoods Towns, Cities and Regions ABSENT

Throughout human history, and in particular during the past 30 years, complementary forms of money and credit have been invented in order to strengthen social and economic resilience. In this presentation we will examine what has been done, and how it points to the future of a money that promotes cooperation, stability, sustainability and social resilience to climate change and other crises.

Mr Stephen DEMEULENAERE, Qoin Foundation, Canada,

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for Democracy ORAL PRESENTATION

Gabriel Jaccard is a PhD candidate at the University of Geneva his thesis studies smart contract under swiss law. In addition, Gabriel is very active at political and associative level. Notably, he holds the position of Vice-Chair of the Regulatory Working Group at the Crypto Valley Association. Firstly, we will discuss the role of private instruments of payment as a democratic tool. We will review some of the regulatory reactions that were taken, from prohibition to adoption. Finally, we will discuss how cryptocurrency might be an incredible tool for democratic ideas. Secondly, we will discuss the use of blockchain for voting system and as a democratic tool. We will review some of the projects that use this technology. Finally, we will discuss how blockchain can be an efficient solution for democracies.

Mr Gabriel JACCARD, Université de Genève, Switzerland

New technologies in the tax matters: the way forward ABSENTE

New technologies as blockchain, DLT, ML, even robotics have some characteristics which could be useful in the new digital age we are living in. Imperativ for tax authorities is to follow and implement new technologies for the benefits for the both sides: tax authorities and taxpayers and citizens. Developing cryptocurrencies is another aspect that is very interesting for tax purposes. Challenges of the digital era, bring tax authorities and governments possibilities to embrace advantages of new technologies to achieve their strategic goals: increasing compliance, timely collecting the taxes, providing quality services to the taxpayers and citizens and preventing tax frauds. Exchange information between countries in real time is crucial.

Mrs Ksenija CIPEK, Ministry of Finance, Croatia


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