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The Continuum Concept as a Key to Unlocking Education

Drawing the benefits of the Continuum Concept methods to make education more effective and inclusive See detailled presentation

The Continuum Concept as a Key to Unlocking Education

Drawing the benefits of the Continuum Concept methods to make education more effective and inclusive See detailled presentation

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At a time of the pressure is increasing, the field of education is currently at a crossroads: a change in the conception of school and formal education is needed. In this situation, the Continuum Concept presents itself as a solution to the changes have to be done: the GENEVA FORUM takes the position that this natural way of doing things needs to be brought back to the forefront in the education sector.

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The GENEVA FORUM invites you to propose your solutions in this field.

The Continuum Concept consists of putting the learner and the knower in contact (in an intergenerational way) so that the former sees the knower doing something in a real situation: understanding is faster, interest is greater and the immense diversity of events increases the relevance of learning.
The permanence of this kind of teaching requires a letting go for both teachers and students: one cannot control what is going to be done, nor in what order, because it is impossible to control events. If one wants to control everything, as in formal education, a perverse effect takes place: by deciding in advance what is going to be taught, one could prevent interesting learning from taking place.

Three solutions are emerging in formal education to come closer to the methods of the Continuum Concept:

  • train teachers more to control them less,
  • all subjects (even theoretical) have to be addressed by practice regardless of the age of the student
  • and most importantly: to put the students in the field and in contact with Nature.
    It is thanks to this reconnection with man’s primary environment that the Continuum Concept will be able to emerge in a sustainable way within formal education.

With this growing trust between external controls, teachers and students, one form of teacher will probably disappear, but this profession will be much more fulfilling because students will be more motivated and interested in the freedom that these methods bring. Everything is learned has an immediate and conscious reason to be learned. Learners will therefore be in a spirit of looking for a project to move forward and taking initiatives to evolve in their environment. This applies to practical as well as theoretical subjects.

Knowing that the method for training teachers and changing the way schools operate is known, we hope that in the next few years the Continuum Concept will be applied.

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If you wish, you can present, alone or with others, your proposals to the UN and you will be accompanied in the creation and development of activities based on these proposals.

Come with your ideas, prepare yourself, and participate actively in the workshops of the GENEVA FORUM. Meet your future teammates and get ready to actively change the world!

If you wish to propose a solution to the World in this field :

1) Search and select the International Conference at the UN on which you want to present your idea or solution by consulting this list of GENEVA FORUM Conferences (click here)

2) Fill in the form to submit the abstract (a summary) of your presentation (click here), stating "Yes" in the box "Is your presentation, a proposal for a disruptive technology ?"

3) Come at the next GENEVA FORUM, and give a short presentation of 5 minutes (pitch) and then participate in the one hour workshop following your presentation, with GENEVA FORUM participants who will want to move forward with you.

On site, our team of one-on-one meetings will welcome you in a specific way as a carrier of alternative solutions, and will be in charge in particular of :

  • connect you with the existing Participatory Research Programmes in which your proposal can be the subject of a project
  • and/or accompany you in the creation of a new Participatory Research Programme if your proposal should be the subject of a fully-fledged Programme
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