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Micro-organisms for better health in food

How can fermented products become a major component of our diet? See detailled presentation

Micro-organisms for better health in food

How can fermented products become a major component of our diet? See detailled presentation

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Fermented products are increasingly found in our food. Their consumption has many positive health effects. Fermentation creates, among other things, antibacterial molecules that are responsible for these benefits. These molecules are part of a real diversity of microorganisms that can be produced at home, provided we understand how they work.

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Indeed, thanks to the fermentation process used to produce vitamins, amino acids or lactic ferments, fermented foods help strengthen the immune system and thus fight against certain diseases and better resist the presence of viruses.
Beyond physical benefits such as better healing and energy intake, the consumption of fermented products leads to better mental health.

Citizens are now able to produce their own fermented food products. To help them better understand this phenomenon and apply it, participatory research projects must be set up in order to :

  • Compare the microbiological composition of different fermented food products depending on various factors such as the fermentation process adopted
  • Determine the impact of the various stages of manufacture of a fermented food on its physico-chemical and sensory characteristics (texture, color, smell, taste, composition ...).
  • Research the potential for evaluating the composition of microorganisms by learning to taste and comparative tasting

In the face of the significant growth of the world’s population, the problems surrounding food production and health crises are becoming more and more numerous. There is a growing need to offer rich and healthy alternative food products and to encourage citizens to eat with home-made products.

The stakes that are emerging are then to apprehend, understand and transmit the necessary and sufficient steps for the elaboration of a fermented product as well as the microbiological diversity present in these fermented preparations.

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