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The advantages of regreening deserts

Why and how can we re-green certain areas of the desert? See detailled presentation

The advantages of regreening deserts

Why and how can we re-green certain areas of the desert? See detailled presentation

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The re-greening of deserts could respond to several social, food and geopolitical challenges around the world. The challenge remains to implement it, which requires specific economic and political choices. This initiative has the potential to profoundly transform the current political, economic, social and environmental paradigm.

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Deserts and especially the Sahara desert occupy a large proportion of the earth’s space. Rainfalls in some places and the proximity of the great tropical rivers make it possible to consider ambitious plans for the re-vegetation of the Sahara. As a matter of fact :

  • The water of the rains is transformed into marshes which end up evaporating. It would then be necessary to recover its water in tanks in order to be able to use it for re-vegetation purposes;
  • Desert areas retain a network of living tree stumps and tree seeds hidden in the ground that could grow with the appropriate care.

The re-vegetation of certain areas of the desert, those exposed to the rain and located near villages, brings many ecological and social benefits:

  • Fights against the loss of fertility and soil erosion, the loss of biodiversity;
  • Fights against food insecurity and malnutrition;
  • Protecting soil and refreshing climate, while producing biofuel (iatropha...)
  • Increases school attendance;
  • Absorbs population increases, particularly those caused by population displacements due to climate change or wars;
  • Absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is very useful in the fight against global warming;
  • Re-greening deserts in Africa helps reduce the number and strength of hurricanes in North America;
  • And many more...

New technologies and strategies are created on a regular basis to achieve all these benefits. The regreening of desert areas therefore has a great transformative potential in our lifestyle as human beings.

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