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Issues of the GENEVA FORUM

What benefit do you have to participate in the GENEVA FORUM See detailled presentation

Issues of the GENEVA FORUM

What benefit do you have to participate in the GENEVA FORUM See detailled presentation

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As Business Place of Scientific and Ethical Affairs, GENEVA FORUM is a meeting platform for professionals and individuals who want to be helpful in advancing solutions.

Organized every year at United Nations, the GENEVA FORUM is a one week of high level meetings, crossing the spheres of the stakeholders. At a halfway point between the PORTO-ALLEGRE FORUM and the DAVOS FORUM, this Forum is a platform for the creation and development of projects for peace and SDGs.

The workshop organized by type of business, the transverse workshops, and thematic workshops, which are organized within the UN building in Geneva, punctuate this week of high level.

In the week, one morning is devoted to the creation of local groups wishing to work together.

OSI, which organized the Forum, is an open high level participative NGO, at your disposal to take action.

GENEVA FORUM is, also, one of the main gateways for your use of OSI NGO to advance your useful and responsible projects.

Your personal perspectives

By participating in the GENEVA FORUM pull you the following benefits :

Short term :

Medium term :

  • You get the general linking with all the other actors participating in GENEVA FORUM ; in addition to your business card exchange, you are put in contact anyway with all the other participants of the GENEVA FORUM, and you can identify them by keywords according to their fields of action
  • You can use, immediatly after the next day of the GENEVA FORUM, all you have learned during the GENEVA FORUM
  • Your projects, you presented during the GENEVA FORUM, benefit a continuation in the implementation, immediatly in the weeks following the GENEVA FORUM

Long-term :

Outlook for your country and / or organization

The benefits for your country and your organization are:

  • Perspective for the promotion of scientific research in the country and within your organization
  • You have access to the entire international network of volunteers of the NGO Objectif Sciences International, that are present around the world, on every continents
  • Among all your projects, you can decide to put as many projects as you like in connection with the NGO Objectif Sciences International for enriching them with a higher dimension of progress via Participative Research actions that will be added to your actions already in place
  • Due to the involvement of the NGO Objectif Sciences International in the United Nations, your country, your organization, your projects are closely related to thoughts, decisions and developments that take place at the UN, in various other NGOs with whom the NGO Objectif Sciences International is in partnership, and the Governments that are involved with the NGO Objectif Sciences International.

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