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Hot Spot Tank for biodiversity on Earth

How can we effectively protect the Earth's terrestrial biodiversity? See detailled presentation

Hot Spot Tank for biodiversity on Earth

How can we effectively protect the Earth's terrestrial biodiversity? See detailled presentation

Meetings that Change the World!
One week of High Level Meetings, Crossing the Spheres of the Stakeholders
The halfway point between the PORTO-ALLEGRE FORUM and the DAVOS FORUM ; the platform for the creation and development of projects for peace and SDGs.

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By exploiting the natural wealth of its environment, human beings have endangered its biodiversity and caused the extinction of a large number of animal species. The multiplication of economic or leisure activities in natural areas is upsetting the balance and way of life of certain wild species, the consequences of which can even increase the mortality of exhausted or hungry animals. How can we fight against this phenomenon without compromising our entire way of life?

The program

Develop your projects, create your business...

The GENEVA FORUM invites you to propose your solutions in this field.

Human activities have the effect of disrupting the environment in which they take place. These effects, which are harmful to wild animals, can be characterised in several ways:

  • Forced to move around regularly, which is extremely energy-consuming and can increase the mortality of animals during winter months;
  • Hindered animals in their migratory movements related to reproduction, feeding or resting, caused in particular by roads and urban areas;
  • State of great fatigue in animals that are constantly forced to flee, which can make them more vulnerable…

One solution that has been widely considered and developed in Switzerland is the concept of quiet zones. They provide animals with a safe place to live and rest when they are forced to flee from areas that are too frequented by humans. Together with “wildlife corridors”, these zones create real islands of biodiversity and allow animals to reproduce in peace and quiet.

However, these initiatives need to be developed on a larger scale in order to make a real ecological difference. It is also necessary to develop other initiatives to reconcile wildlife richness and human activities if we wish to prevent the process – already underway – of extinction of entire species.

Suggest a solution !

If you wish, you can present, alone or with others, your proposals to the UN and you will be accompanied in the creation and development of activities based on these proposals.

Come with your ideas, prepare yourself, and participate actively in the workshops of the GENEVA FORUM. Meet your future teammates and get ready to actively change the world!

If you wish to propose a solution to the World in this field :

1) Search and select the International Conference at the UN on which you want to present your idea or solution by consulting this list of GENEVA FORUM Conferences (click here)

2) Fill in the form to submit the abstract (a summary) of your presentation (click here), stating "Yes" in the box "Is your presentation, a proposal for a disruptive technology ?"

3) Come at the next GENEVA FORUM, and give a short presentation of 5 minutes (pitch) and then participate in the one hour workshop following your presentation, with GENEVA FORUM participants who will want to move forward with you.

On site, our team of one-on-one meetings will welcome you in a specific way as a carrier of alternative solutions, and will be in charge in particular of :

  • connect you with the existing Participatory Research Programmes in which your proposal can be the subject of a project
  • and/or accompany you in the creation of a new Participatory Research Programme if your proposal should be the subject of a fully-fledged Programme
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