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Integrated management of forest ecosystems

How can integrated management save forest ecosystems? See detailled presentation

Integrated management of forest ecosystems

How can integrated management save forest ecosystems? See detailled presentation

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Natural environments are increasingly being exploited for their resources, notably because of the many economic issues surrounding them. Forest ecosystems are far from being spared, at the heart of the fruitful wood industry. Managing the biodiversity of these areas is now becoming a major concern and recommendations for the integrated management of forest ecosystems are multiplying.

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During intensive wood production, it has been shown that giving priority to the production of a single service has a real impact on other services. In the long term, negative effects are even felt on the service initially targeted. On the other hand, an integrated ecosystem management, particularly in agroforestry, also allows to benefit from regulation services for the agricultural production service.

The stakes are many and varied:

  • Diversification of medicinal plants
  • Enrichment of small forest owners
  • Enhancing the value of species at the heart of forest areas and their habitats
  • Control of crop pests
  • Increase in tourist activities through environmental preservation
  • Protection against natural hazards

It is therefore now a matter of increasing our knowledge of these environments, in particular of the relationships between the various ecosystem services for the sustainable management of these areas. It is essential to list and analyze the associations of ecosystems, whether the effects are positive or negative, in order to manage sustainably and maximize the benefits for society by developing complementarities.

To conclude, the ecosystem service may seem simple but its implementation is much more complex in a context of territorial management.

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If you wish, you can present, alone or with others, your proposals to the UN and you will be accompanied in the creation and development of activities based on these proposals.

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If you wish to propose a solution to the World in this field :

1) Search and select the International Conference at the UN on which you want to present your idea or solution by consulting this list of GENEVA FORUM Conferences (click here)

2) Fill in the form to submit the abstract (a summary) of your presentation (click here), stating "Yes" in the box "Is your presentation, a proposal for a disruptive technology ?"

3) Come at the next GENEVA FORUM, and give a short presentation of 5 minutes (pitch) and then participate in the one hour workshop following your presentation, with GENEVA FORUM participants who will want to move forward with you.

On site, our team of one-on-one meetings will welcome you in a specific way as a carrier of alternative solutions, and will be in charge in particular of :

  • connect you with the existing Participatory Research Programmes in which your proposal can be the subject of a project
  • and/or accompany you in the creation of a new Participatory Research Programme if your proposal should be the subject of a fully-fledged Programme
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