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Business Creation and Development

Is making profit incompatible with the challenges of sustainable development? See detailled presentation

Business Creation and Development

Is making profit incompatible with the challenges of sustainable development? See detailled presentation

Meetings that Change the World!
One week of High Level Meetings, Crossing the Spheres of the Stakeholders
The halfway point between the PORTO-ALLEGRE FORUM and the DAVOS FORUM ; the platform for the creation and development of projects for peace and SDGs.

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The business and corporate world are experiencing rapid growth on a global scale. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of both ecological and social environments. Today, in view of the challenges associated with sustainable development, it is crucial to design companies in a sustainable way and make them accountable.
These days, an entrepreneur wanting to set up a business must take the following aspects into consideration, as part of a long-term plan:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Political

The creation or development of businesses should be done in this way, alongside structured programs which will maintain the business image by promoting a new mode of behavior.

The program

GENEVA FORUM week program: approaches to Business Creation and Development.

Business Creation and Development Morning Nature Rights - Legal Smart Finance Conflict Mediation
Business Creation and Development Afternoon Sustainable Tourism Nature Rights - Projects Citizen Sciences Education

To become an audience member or presenter at one of these conferences, connect using the following link: GENEVA FORUM Program

Participating in this exceptional event means you will benefit from Geneva Forum’s location, the Palace of Nations. The presence of multiple players and representatives from the field of sustainable development within this United Nations building will allow you to have a significant impact on international awareness and decision-making.

Objectif Sciences International NGO facilitates discussions regarding these major contemporary issues via the Geneva Forum, . During this meeting of the international scientific, political and academic community, there will be an update on technological and scientific advances, as well as future projects involving the creation and development of businesses.

Businesses have been, and will continue to be, a driving force for economic development. While often associated with the industrial revolution, businesses started to have an impact on the economy and society long before, as early as the 14th century with an increase in trading. It was in the Netherlands in the 15th century that a patent system was devised and schools were created to teach how to run a business. From the 17th century and the creation of the East India Company, the European internal markets developed. Technical and technological advances led the industrial revolutions which formed the business world of today. This profit-making model is mainly based on economics and finance.

Despite the modern-day push for entrepreneurship, it is difficult to manage profits while competing with the big corporate groups of today. In addition, new models with an emphasis on sustainable development are being introduced. A social aspect opts for training, employee well-being, non-discrimination and inclusion for improved efficiency. The economic aspect deals with productivity, cost-benefit analysis and optimal growth. Finally, one of the biggest contemporary challenges: the environmental aspect. Companies must gradually move towards sustainable finance. This can be achieved by integrating environmental factors as a way of promoting sustainable economic growth.

These three aspects of business creation highlight the need for international cooperation to set standards, as well as regional and national cooperation to ascertain their practicality. By educating civil society in this way, we can enable the creation of green and responsible businesses within a few years. These changes must happen now, and both old and new companies must take action to integrate them. The solutions must be updated as part of the growth and development of a company, as they may not work from one year to the next. Each year, experts from the international community should meet in order to discuss guidelines and solutions to problems in accordance with these principles.


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