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Subscription Geneva Forum at UN 2021

See detailled presentation

Subscription Geneva Forum at UN 2021

See detailled presentation

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ALL INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT (to attend physically or contribute remotely)
If you want to submit a presentation or request an invitation letter, fill this form and follow specifications

After validating this form, consult your spam folder !

if you use a same e-mail for 2 or more people, nobody of you will receive access pass, as each e-mail is dedicated to one access pass

Confirm your email address please : Please pay special attention to ensuring your email address is correct. Otherwise you will not be able to confirm your registration later.

Name of the State, Organization, or Company you represent at the Geneva Forum, or input "Student" our "Not affiliated" if you are attending the Forum for your own benefit.

We may need to send you texts when deemed necessary. Please indicate the country code as well (only figures and spaces, no comma, dash, brackets or other special characters)

To send the title and the abstract of your presentation, please follow the instruction shown below on this form.

For invitation letter, please follow the instruction shown below on this form.

If you want to receive more information, please tick the Networking Diner that intereest you. You may subscribe later. One or more answers possible.

Request of Invitation Letter for Geneva Forum

(for example Consulate of France in Conakry, Consulate of Switzerland in Abidjan, etc)

Explain here who you know already in the GENEVA FORUM participants or organizers.

If yes, you will be accompagnied by our one-on-one meeting team to be involved in the Participatory Research actions of OSI

Please list all countries you received already a visa in the past 10 years

Propose a Presentation - Poster - Project

If yes, you will be accompagnied by or one-on-one meeting team to implement your idea in reality - espacially through Participatory Research actions

max 150 characters

max 150 characters

max 1500 characters

max 1500 characters

Be careful, each person coming at GENEVA FORUM have to subscribe independantly on this website, under their email address, to receive UN pass

Accepted file format are gif, jpg and png. Files should be lesser than 2Mb.

Please click on the button "SUBMIT" only ONE TIME and allow the server some time in order to register your answers.

Please keep in your documents the information that will be shown on the results page after clicking the button "SUBMIT".

Be aware that if the results page doesn’t appear in 10 seconds, one of the question of the form is requiring a correction or an answer.

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